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Hi, I'm Shelly!

(and your space doesn't scare me)

Many times, I will be talking with a new client and they will burst out with something like:

"Oh, you wouldn't be so cheerful if you could see my garage!"

At which point I always laugh.  Because I know then that I'm getting a challenge, and nothing makes me happier.

What looks to you like an impossible situation, looks to me like a big, fun puzzle I get to solve.

I can't wait to get in there and help you!


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Happy Clients' Homes


"I can see things now! I didn't realize quite how disorganized our pantry had gotten until comparing the before and after pictures. Shelly is very passionate about organization and takes an energetic approach to whatever you may need organized! She also helped me find some appropriate containers at a dollar store. Win! I would recommend her to anyone needing a fresh approach to any area in your house."

Elizabeth W.

"This woman organized me. I mean that's all you really need to know. Me, it is possible. And my kitchen and laundry have stayed clean and organized for like 6 weeks. I'm not turning back. Next project, my closets!! Like her page and hire her to help you!"

Kristy M.

"This is an absolute must for college students living in dorms. When I moved in to my dorm my parents were kinda “here ya go” and my place because so cluttered. My work space always sort of reflects my mind and how I am feeling as a person. The service was amazing! Communication was brief and concise, and she made the appointment literally exactly when she said she would. She went through every item personally with me and that made me feel very involved. I loved it! Definitely recommend!"

Meg C.

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