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The Cheerful Sort Professional Organizing

Moving is exciting and fun but it can also be pretty stressful.
Maybe your real estate agent has suggested improvements to your home so that you can feel confident when buyers come to look. 
I help people declutter so that buyers can see how much they want to buy your home, and give you a great price!
Then I help you pack. 
Then I help you unpack.
My name is Shelly, and it is my privilege to help you and your family have a calm and happy transition.Goal timeline for getting a house ready to be on the market is 10 days to 2 weeks.I work with one client family at a time, estimated 72 work hours to completion,so please be commited to the process.
Check out the Product page on my app for prices and package deals that can save you 30%.

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Let's Get You Moved!

My name is Shelly McGee.
I have been organizing since 2016. 
My clients tend to be creative and fun people with busy schedules. I am great with kids, families and retired folks. 
I have a lot of experience working with people who have ADHD and other disabilities. I am flexible in my approach and always kind and supportive. 
My assurance to you is that we can resolve your space in a way that meets your goals.

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House Editing and Staging

Prospective buyers will want to see the garage and attic. They will want to open closets and cabinets. The more streamlined your house is the easier it will be for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Editing is not easy and it takes effort, but it will improve your ability to get a good price for your home. This is a great time to let go of things that no longer serve you. What you choose to let go is always up to you. I will support you. Donations can be made to the charity you choose. Some things you may trash or recycle. The things that remain after this proces are the things you cherish. Then we decide if you need to rent storage for some of these things for your move. If you do rent storage, then we will box and clearly label these boxes and move them to your unit. After this, your house will feel different to you. With your real estate agent's help, we will stage the house for sale.

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Packing Up the Old House

You did it! You sold the house! Now it's time to pack up tor your move. This is where your earlier hard work of editing really benefits you. We will box and clearly label everything remaining. You are ready to move!

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Unpacking at the New Home

Now the really fun part, your new home!  We will unpack your boxes and set up organization systems that will keep your new place functioning long term. You did it!If, at this point, you need extra time to process some things in storage that have emotional components, we can take the time to address them.

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The Cheerful Sort Professional Organizing

416 Hugo Street, Durham, NC 27704


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