Who Can Benefit

Anybody can benefit from the supportive help from a professional organizer. 

It is always good to have some time to pull back and assess one's surroundings, particularly if clutter has become, shall we say "a little overwhelming". 

My clients have been almost overwhelmingly artists and teachers. 

Sometimes the more creative you are the harder it is to maintain order. The brighter the fire, the more the brilliant ideas. This avalanche of creativity can quickly take on it's own momentum - and unaddressed clutter.

Mobility concerns or issues such as ADD or ADHD can make maintaining order extremely difficult and frustrating.  Often, folks with these issues need on-going support to maintain quality of life.  An orderly home increases a person's likelihood of meeting responsibilities and maintaining relationships and goals.


While I am glad to help anybody who needs me, I take a special interest in helping :

Creative People To Be More Productive (without losing track of their art supplies)

Students With ADD/ADHD Issues (so they can graduate)

Seniors Who Need To Take Stock/Downsize (so they can move on to something fun)

While it can feel awkward to reach out for assistance, my clients say that hiring me was one of the best things they could have done to improve their lives.

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