You may be here because you really need help organizing your space. Or you may be here because a loved one really needs help getting organized and may not be up to asking for help. Either way, welcome!

Don't worry, organizing is not so hard once you know how. And my clients tell me that I make it fun and that it almost always it goes much faster than expected. We work together every moment, and every decision is my client's. My job is to support and facilitate the process.

People like to know how a process works before they get involved and so I have made an orientation to get you started.

I have done this work professionally since 2015, but have been organizing spaces since my 6th grade teacher's classroom in 1979. I love my work, I love the people I work with and every day is a joy to me.


Here is how I work:

The first step is, of course that you let me know you that you want help. You can call me (919-240-8090).

The second step is that we meet for coffee and discuss what you really would like to accomplish.

This sounds more personal than just an organization job and it is. I want to respect and support the goals that you have. And I can only do that if I actually know you. This visit is free.

Third, I will ask you to take pictures of the space you want to address so that we can assess together how long the work will take. I never share these pictures without written permission. These pictures are for you.

At the end of the job I will ask you if you want to take after pictures. I might ask you then if you are willing to let me share the before/after pictures. But I will never do so without your permission.

The fourth step is scheduling and payment agreement:

I have developed an assessment tool that helps me calculate how long a job will take and I use this to decide how much to charge.

  • Level 1 Client needs a small amount of organizing. (This has never happened)

  • Level 2 Some disorganization. Can't find things easily. A sort of happy whirlwind of people and activities that needs a little structure. Things have gotten out of hand but can be restored to order with a little attention and help.

  • Level 3 Some chronic disorganization. Can't find things. Stressed out about the clutter. There are piles of clothing and paper. Life is full of activities with people, jobs, goals, and maybe additional activities of spouse or children.

    Or, there has been a loss of some sort. And grief has caused an inability to keep things up. Many of my clients come to me after a divorce, a death or some big change in their life and they need clarification and help processing their next step. (Most of my clients come from this category)

  • Levels 4 and 5 Serious chronic disorder. The piles of clothing and paper and keepsakes block the ability to function. There are sanity concerns about the space. Connections with other people and former interests have decreased to the point where there is isolation. Physical and mental health concerns.

This is the level where an outside therapist needs to be involved to help the client move forward. I can recommend an excellent one.

Many people ask the inevitable question, "Am I a hoarder?" The answer is almost always no. Most people just get overwhelmed with things. And it's difficult to sort things out when you have no time.

I group Levels 4 and 5 the way I do because it is my belief that disconnection from other people is the sign that something is seriously wrong. This is where hoarding starts, when things began to replace relationships.

My Scheduling and Pricing Systems:

  • Most of my clients work with me for 3 to 4 hours at a time.

  • I work from 10:30 to 2:30 Monday, Thursday and Friday.

  • I will work longer hours on weekends and holidays.

I value my work at $60 an hour.


I look forward to working with you!


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